Monday, June 2, 2014

A Complete Month of Blogging Behind Me...

...the world ahead.  And there are many paths to tread--


What do you mean I can't quote Pippin?


So, I've successfully made it through one month of blogging without slacking off too badly.

(I could give myself cookies, but that means I'd have to use the oven and heat up my house.  Bleh.)

I had a pretty good weekend; I just forgot to bring the pictures of my crochet projects with me to post them on the blog today.  >.<

Tomorrow for sure!

I'm in the final stages of sewing two PauseUnpause plushies together, but  these are the "v.2" Pauses; I am going to attempt to make their headgear out of something more durable and better-fitted than hodgepodge crochet.

Although I had hoped to be done this weekend...clearly I'm not.  (What're ya gonna do?  Creative people are just so unreliable sometimes.)

I was also semi-interrupted on Saturday by a Broken Buttons event--we played a couple of games with BTC and he livestreamed.  He killed me.  I took a few whacks at him.  I think we're all still friends.

But I digress; I'm pretty sure that I kept my crochet within reach during the downtime between games.

So, here's to tomorrow's post, hoping that I have picture proof of partial shenanigans this weekend!

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