Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Pile of Pauses!

So while riding to and fro last night in Lord of the Rings Online with Deevius and DSCA, I managed to sew both of the arms and a head onto the second PauseUnpause plushie that I was supposed to have completed by the end of May.

I arranged them on the couch for a quick picture with PauseUnpause v.1.0 before heading off to bed:

I still have the headdresses to sew, but I'm going to try doing them on plastic canvas so they won't curl up and lose their shape like the original Pause's headpiece.

Can't wait to get them all finished and posed for some pictures worthy of tweeting!

(And if I'm super-lucky, PauseUnpause might respond to the tweet!  I've tweeted him before, but never heard anything back.)

Hey, it's good to have fangirl goals, right?  ^_~

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