Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Minecraft Plushie Pattern! - Early Stage

I've been taking copious amounts of photos during the assembly of the PauseUnpause plushies (which were supposed to be done at the end of May...shhhh).

Yesterday afternoon I was finally able to assemble about 50% of them and insert them into my first-ever written crochet pattern!

I've already got the draft up in Ravelry, and I'm tweaking it as I go based on suggestions from their guide.

Here's the cover image I made:

Don't the Mindcrack boys look snazzy?

It was my largest group photo, so off we go with it, then!

I still have to do photos for the most complicated technique in the entire pattern: changing color in the foundation row.  I mean, the pictures are taken, but I haven't cropped, resized, or inserted them into the document yet.

(I have this sneaky suspicion that I'm going to end up doing a video tutorial for that part, anyway.)

I'm excited either way; I intend to list the pattern for $1.50 while it's in beta...which basically means I'll leave it up for a couple of months, see if anybody contacts me with problems, and then change the price to $5-6 USD.

I hope it works out; this is my first officially photographed and written pattern!  XD

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