Monday, June 16, 2014

A Weekend of Crochet

Featuring your new and improved summer scheduling: 3-day weekends!

(Although whoever invented 10-hour workdays for Mondays should seriously reconsider their life priorities.)

Alas, though I have no pictures yet (hopefully later tonight to be posted tomorrow), I did spend the bulk of my weekend working on plushie PauseUnpauses.

As of yesterday, I have one completely put together (minus his headdress) and the second has his legs attached (admittedly the hardest part of the assembly).

I am also photographing the process in order to finish writing my first complete pattern, which I hope to sell on Ravelry and Etsy.  (Nope, no idea what I'm doing!)

In addition, I also got to Skype with my bestie April over the weekend, and she has told me her Christmas and birthday wish lists for this year!  It includes one Mr. GenerikB and a Dalek of her very own.

This could be a challenge!

(I'm secretly hoping, however, that having 3 days off per week will allow me to get more crochet done on the whole, even if I'm at work later Monday thru Thursday.)

Oh, and then the Broken Buttons Lore stuff!  There was lots of that over the weekend, too!  We're trying out a new method of organization for our files and checklists.  It's called Trello, and I spent some time on Saturday setting it up, and then had a few chats with different people regarding layout, format, and how to post things in particular places.

I'm hoping that it will be a good tool that will allow the lore writers to stay in better touch with the admins.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have a chance to tell you about the Broken Buttons project that's put KotS 3 on hold.

But until then, happy Monday!

(What a contradiction, amiright?)

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