Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Deevius! - Part One

Last week (June 5th, if you want to know) was Deevius' birthday!

(I was totally side-swiped; thank you Facebook for saving me.)

Lucky for me, she was booked up for the week of her birthday, and we weren't going to be able to celebrate until after Shadowmoor.

I planned a menu, courtesy of a suggestion by Midori for crockpot French dip sandwiches that went over fabulously well.  The Panda was kind enough to make dessert, which were chocolate cake batter muddy buddies.

And although it turned out nothing like the picture:

Recipe here.

Deevius took what remained of the large bowl home for future consumption before she moves out of state next week.


She has accepted a job in Michigan, from whence she hailed originally, and now is as good a time as any to get out of the rapidly-declining work environment she's been in for awhile.

So we celebrated like mad fiends, far later than we should have, in our glorious nerdy tradition of watching an episode of Rosemary and Thyme, followed by an extended stint of Lord of the Rings Online.

We were of course joined by DSCA, another friend of ours from college that now lives in Virginia.  She plays with us on our weekly runs through the various countrysides and dungeons of Middle-Earth.

Well, last week we had started a running joke due to the new character titles we had unlocked ([Character Name], Summoned by Lord Elrond).

(This is following all the salacious jokes about how embarrassed DSCA would feel if she truly were talking to Elrond while wearing his son's pants (they were a quest reward and she kept them to wear cosmetically)).  Many comments ensued about how her little hobbit lass obtained Elladan's pants.

(*innocent whistling*)

Anyway...when it was discussed last week that Deevius might accept the job, she quoted what has become our slogan:

The friends that slay together, stay together.

...which is exactly what we do every Monday night from 7:30-10:00 (or later).

Now it's just devolved into us saying that we're going to call ourselves Elrond's Angels and make t-shirts to wear in real life, even if we're not ever together physically ever again due to geographic constraints.

Of course, then we decided that in-game we should all have Elrond's Angels outfits.  My character, Keywen, is a tailor.  DSCA perused the LotRO wiki until she found something she liked; I went through my vault and found the proper supplies, and tailored us each a matching outfit.  

DSCA, as a scholar, makes many sundry dyes for said clothing, and fetched us black dye.  Then we passed around a raven mask and a raven cloak from the bygone Halloween festival (items remain equipped cosmetically even if you're not wearing them--the trick is to not ever replace them or the appearance will vanish).  

And then of course we posed outside in semi-dim lighting:

From left: Nevrian, Pipara, Keywen
(Deevius, DSCA, moi.)

Our awesome raven cloaks from the back:

Classes:  Guardian (moi), Minstrel (DSCA), Champion (Deevius)

And then of course us doing emotes:

Emotes:  /rich,  [DSCA's didn't trigger], and /cheer

In my next post, I hope to show you the lootz the Panda and I got for Deevius; but one wasn't quite finished so I'm working on it like crazy!

Gotta go!

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