Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Tuesday of Ethos

Sorry, no pictures today!  I just plain didn't have time yesterday to sit down with the Panda's laptop and get them off of the SD card!

Things are really starting to take off with the Kingdom of the Sky 3 plotting; the lore team has it's official weekly meeting tonight, but yesterday StrikerShane and Bullethail went a little nutso in the Skype chat, making documents, naming all the towns and cities--I'm happy that they're getting into it!

But of course I was trying to saute veggies for quesadillas and grate cheese at the same time before my dinner guest (Deevius) came over with her zesty and delicious crockpot chicken taco soup.

We enjoyed an episode of BBC's Rosemary and Thyme with dinner (in between me changing laundry loads around like a boss) and then started our weekly run in Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO).  (I may also have been applying layers of Scotch-guard to the fabulous oriental parasol my friend Drew gave to me when I visited her in April, up in Canada.)

...I only have about a hundred things to do this week, and I'm on #8.

So today I decided that I needed to be a little more proactive about the next commissions in my queue, which happen to be twin Etho plushies.  (No, I'm not done with the Pauses, but I can't easily transport them to work anymore.)

My goal is to get 6 Etho panels done per day until they're finished, and finish Pause at the same time.  (I'm a little crazy.)

But for today, in the midst of the busy week, I leave you with a happy tweet from a gal I played online with during the Broken Buttons build team event on Saturday:


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