Friday, June 6, 2014

Picking Music for Patreon

A few days ago, I mentioned attempting to set up a Patreon page for future crochet endeavors.

While I've come up with some milestone markers, I have yet to input individual gifts.

Also, Patreon recommends you put up a video or other artwork to demonstrate your art style and goals.  (First of all, I don't video or photograph.  We're doomed.)

But then I thought:  what if the plushies did one of those cute, quirky stop-motion videos with the white cards?

That's all fine and good, but then you've got to have the perfect background music to cut it to.  The best collection of royalty-free music I know about is courtesy of Kevin MacLeod, via

Here are some of my picks so far:

Montauk Point - Contemporary, bouncy, and long.

Pamgaea - Electric, bouncy, and unusual.

Wallpaper - Electric, smooth background quality.

Sock Hop - 50s feel, bright, conversational quality.

Happy Alley - Bouncy guitar; this is what I think a traditional stop-motion video would use.

Bright Wish - Positive piano sound, short but loopable.

Hilarious honorable metions:

Motivator - This reminds me of the commercials of my childhood.  Or possibly my parents' childhood.

Silly Fun - I can imagine a Let's Play series for kids starting out with this.

But now, kind geeks and crafters, I go to enjoy my weekend away at LARP!  I leave you with this cute saying:

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