Thursday, June 12, 2014

Etsy Spotlight: Tatoke

For those of you who don't shop on Etsy much (what's wrong with you?...just kidding), it has a suggested items function, just like most other online stores.

Only instead of generic suggested items, it suggests the Favorite boards of people who have liked similar things to you.

Well, today through some board-hopping, I came across Tatoke, which sells out of Dublin, Ireland.

What caught my eye?

Well, this fleece dress:

Listing here.

I could wear this to LARP, on those bitterly-cold night mods where you wear every layer of clothing you've brought, plus your most portable blanket.

It's a snuggie for LARP!  (Much more stylish, though.)

I can't say no!

And then poor Midori who has none of the body fat I do, loves purple, so:

Listing here.

I love to support other Etsy sellers, so perhaps in a few more commissions I'll be able to place an order for both tunics in a few months, before the weather up in the mountains turns too cold.


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