Thursday, March 17, 2016

HPKCHC : January Classes (W16)

A new term at Hogwarts approached with the new year!

Once more, I applied to be a student in the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup.  I resorted (again) into Hufflepuff, and persuaded my BFF April (CookinKat) to do it with me!

My goal this term is to achieve the goal I failed at last term: turn in something for every prompt!  This includes an OWL, a BROOM, all 24 classes, every Quidditch match, plus the Headmistress' Challenge.

So here we go!  January ahoy!

The classes this term were:

Ancient Runes

Lots of baby gifts for friends and relatives this month!


I included a lovely story about Middle-earth with these, 
using screenshots from the Lord of the Rings Online!


I love this little free pattern; great for yarn scraps!


I got to partner up with the Hufflepuff Head of House for this one!
We had a fun little story!


For a coworker; she had her first baby a month early!


My first attempt at ombre yarn; not quite a success.

Muggle Studies

Hands-down my favorite project from this month!

It was nominated for a trophy, and won a prize over in the Shire Games, too!

This was the secret gift for DSCA (you may remember I totally crocheted her a decoy hat for Christmas) that I couldn't give her until Deevius was also present.  We had to have a girlz Christmas, which would not be managed until late February.

I'll do a separate post for these!  But one more pic spam first, because I totally copied Elladan from The Lord of the Rings Online!

And all because DSCA kept a pair of his pants...


My very first CAL (Crochet-a-Long!)
My favorite bit is the pompom.

And of course I'll save the usual Quidditch round-up for the end of the term...

Next time: February classes!  (They just got done grading them.)

Craft on!

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