Thursday, March 3, 2016

HPKCHC : September Classes (F15) - Throwback

The beginning of September brought with it a new term of the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup!

I again sorted into Hufflepuff, after a brief deliberation in which I let Sir Sorting Hat pick between it and Gryffindor for me.

New "robes" for a new term.

My goals for this term were to turn in something for every single prompt, and to get more house points than last term (1,069 was my total for Spring 2015).

So, I submitted proposals for an OWL (Astronomy this time), a BROOM, and went to work on the eight classes offered this term.  Classes change in between terms, but not from month-to-month within a term.

But!  Things were a bit different this term!  For we were hosting the Tri-Wizard Tournament!  Instead of having normal classes, we had one class for each of the schools represented: Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, and Hogwarts.  The Tri-Wizard champion was determined based on which classes had the most submissions.

Care of Magical Creatures

These stitch markers went into a swap package.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

You may recall that I sometimes carve stamps; this was also for the swap.


Why, yes, I have a cut-out of Legolas.  Doesn't everyone?


These were for a Lord of the Rings themed swap.


Li'l Aragorn was the crown jewel of the LotR swap package; I'm very proud of him.


The monkey business continues!


This is April's cat; we were trying to keep her from losing more fur.


There's a running joke about how I never make anything for Elrohir.
I decided it was time to shut him up, so to speak.  This was also part of the LotR swap.

Boom!  All eight classes done for the month!

In addition, Quidditch was also Tri-Wizard themed, too.  I'll have to share about that in another post!

And I also captained a Badger Hiking Team!  I'll share more about that too, in a future post.

Craft on!

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