Tuesday, March 1, 2016

August 2015 Projects - Throwback

August was another crazy month, but this time for a real life reason: my chica bonita April moved back from China!  She moved in with me and the Panda and began looking for all the things we Americans use to live: a car, a job, a canal, Panama...wait.

She'd sort of missed all of the previous My Little Pony madness, and I wasn't about to let that persist.  The Nerdy Knitter has a 10th Doctor Whooves pattern, and I got it for free during a buy 2 get 1 sale:

April also takes great photos with her tablet.  I just collage.

Some problems with this pattern include:
  • uneven back legs; I added stitches to compensate
  • lack of pictures for mane and tail construction
  • lack of pictures for white collar construction
The eyes and cutie mark were iron-on patches (man, I love that trick!), and his little necktie/collar can be removed so he can be dressed up any way you want (like with a 4th Doctor scarf, let's say).

We then decided to hold a cutie mark ceremony in September when the 4 of us were together (DSCA, Deevius, and April/MerrySioux).

Other projects included a little bunny rabbit:

Free pattern, modified by me to make the arms and legs easier to attach.

A lot of my Not-Quite-First-Year (NQFY) friends sorted into Ravenclaw for the first term, and a couple more have made their way over to Ravenclaw since then.  We have a separate group on Ravelry that we chat in between terms, and one of the Ravenclaws started up a Top Secret project for one of the moderators over in The Tower (Ravenclaw's common room).

Her name is LASH and she was having another baby, but no shower.  The gals in Ravenclaw decided to go through her "baby favorites" tab on Ravelry and pick out projects to make and send to her.  It was really  nifty!  Four girls would agree to do one cardigan, so one girl would get the yarn, start it, leave it on her knitting needles, and then ship it to the next person.  The second and third person would then knit another section and send it on.  The fourth person was in charge of sending the finished project to LASH's friend and co-conspirator, who was putting the gift basket together, and then mailing the needles back to the first person.

It was completely, mind-blowingly intricate and fun!

As a crocheter, though, there were no patterns bookmarked that I could make.  So I found a bunny that LASH had wanted, and searched around for a crochet alternative.  LASH loved it!  She was surprised by everything!

I also learned a new craft: knitting stitch marker making!  

It's really just jewelry-making in disguise...

I gifted these to someone as a prize over in another knitting/crocheting forum; she loved them!  I've made a few more sets since then...really, only a few...

And finally, the butterflies.

These poor things are meant for a dear friend across the pond in the UK.  Her name is Piglottie, and we were thick as thieves during the spring term of HPKCHC.  Unfortunately, her mother was diagnosed with cancer and life got very complicated for Piglottie, and I've rarely heard from her.  We were making butterflies to send over, and of course I totally forgot to send mine.  I now have 4 and still they wait.  I had wanted to make something special for Piglottie, but haven't been able to.

In good time, I suppose.  All in good time.

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