Tuesday, March 15, 2016

December 2015 Projects - Throwback

With another term of the HPKCHC behind me, I set off to complete those intended Christmas gifts that I hadn't managed to cram into the prompts!

But I also had some orders to finish up, so...let's just say it was an exciting month for me!

The Panda and I decided we would drive up to Virginia and spend Christmas with DSCA and her family, who had one of these outstanding orders with me.  Also, Mom W. (DSCA's mother and a good friend to all of us) had recently been diagnosed with cancer and had just started chemo, so we wanted to distract the family by being around to play games, watch movies, and just chill.

Mom W. had ordered a few gifts:

A kerbal from the game Kerbal Space Program, for Tir.

Daring Do; a pony made using Rainbow Dash's pattern
and part of Dr. Whooves pattern, for a great-niece.

And of course I wanted to make gifts for DSCA's family, too. (And not just to save money, but because it's rare that I get to fulfill crochet wishes without tons of guesswork.)  

A rocket ship to go with Tir's kerbal.

Bob Kerman is looking for science!

A sunflower hat and shawl set for Mom W.

DSCA's newsboy cap; she says she's gotten so many compliments!
(This was not DSCA's real gift, though...it was a decoy!
More on that in February's post, when the gals got together.)

And then of course I needed things to give to the Panda (other than the gigantic turtle) but he said all he wanted was a cover for his new Kindle:

This was a chance to play around with new stitches!

Oh, and lest I forget, I also wanted to make a little something for everybody in my office:

And then I had commissions to drop off, all before the district went on break for the Christmas holiday:


And finally, right after Christmas I had two outstanding Facebook Art Trades for 2015 to complete before the new year:

This is a moss stitch cowl/infinity scarf.
I want to release it as a free pattern sometime next year!

I should also release a pattern for this guy, since there are
no free Eeyore patterns; ridiculous!
If you're on Ravelry, my project notes are pretty good.

Looking forward to a new year of crafting, and I hope you are, too!  

Craft on!

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