Saturday, March 19, 2016

HPKCHC : February Classes (W16)

Another fabulous month full of much crafting!  I submitted all eight classes once more:

Ancient Runes

From the 'Marmalade Ombre' yarn last month!


For my coworker and her tiny little newborn.


For my brother and sister-in-law for their expected first daughter.


For a commission, to decorate a baby's nursery.
A fellow 'Cupper messaged to see if I would take a commission from her friend;
it was a delightful experience and I was so excited to have been asked!


The other half of the baby's nursery commission: mandrakes!
I've already made two others for new commissions!


I decided to try making my first cotton washcloth; I love it!

Muggle Studies

A commission for my cousin, who was in the Air Force.
My first time using anything with alpaca in it!


Again, my personal favorite from this month!
Obviously, for Deevius since the other one was for DSCA.
Elladan's twin brother, Elrohir; their story of reunification was adorbz.

For reference, here's the picture from the game of where the twins are actually standing, and where I took my screenshots:


April was kind enough to recreate it for me with the plushie guys!

I actually made up a puzzle for DSCA and Deevius to solve in the game, using names of the NPCs such as Radagast the Brown to fill in missing letters of the clue at the end.  Deevius logged in and did all the driving, while DSCA decoded the message.  Their journey took them from the Shire, all the way to Thorenhad (where the sons of Elrond are pictured above) and used Elladan and Elrohir's names for the last few letters.  

And then I whipped out two plushie elf-sized packages from behind my back and tried to hold in my squees of delight!  Best Christmas gift ever!

But back to the HPKCHC...

In addition, I also was asked to help out as a volunteer for Hogsmeade Weekend!  I was a hostess over in Bons Temps, the speakeasy.  I even helped out and made out special robes for the occasion:

We had a fun weekend!  And of course I was busy crafting and planning for the final month of the term...

But until March is over, I'll be furiously making all the things!  Be back with you all in a little while!

Craft on!

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