Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Groots Galore

I promise I haven't been idle, beyond my obvious propensity to play LotRO over the weekend!  I recently shipped two orders out from my Etsy store, and the one for Canada had a little extra surprise in it.

You might remember the post I did before Christmas about the Baby Groot.

He proved to be quite the popular little fellow when I put him up on my Facebook page, and I had requests to make more and sell them in my Etsy store.

Unfortunately, licensing issues occur and all that legal fiddle-faddle, so that's never going to happen.

I did, however, make a second one for a friend of the Panda's up in Ohio:

A surprise for his wife, so I haven't posted it on Facebook.

And although I'm not ready to release all the details, I made a third Groot who is now somewhere in Canada:

I added a few extra rounds this time, as an experiment.

I can totally give Baby Groot out as a gift, and nobody's the wiser.  Plus, if I include them as bonuses in shipments I do, I can simply say, "They're unsellable due to copyright issues.  It's a gift; enjoy!"

I've cleaned up a few other projects in my Ravelry list, and had the pleasure of going back to working on Guude last week.  I hope to do more of that tonight before LotRO with DSCA and Deevius!

The to-do list:

1)  Guude plushie
2)  VintageBeef plushie
3)  Enderman
4)  Purple & black scarf
5)  Minecraft Cake Pillow (v2.0!)

...and then all of the new Facebook Art Trades for 2015!  I'm really looking forward to them!

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