Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Crochet Test: Kitty Puff

If any of you follow BlameTheController on his livestreams (and I'm not saying you must), you might have picked up on his sewing projects of the catblobs.

For the other 98% of you, BTC owns two large cats, which he affectionately calls his catblobs.  Lately, he's been sewing/making (okay, I don't watch the livestreams, but I see screenshots on Twitter) stuffed blobs that could be classified as slightly creepy:

KeishaMaKainn (one of the builders from the Broken Buttons) posted an adorable picture in our team Skype chat with what she had thought the plushies were going to look like:

Well, this looks like a crochet project in the making...

Here's the result from my first attempt:

Clearly smaller, and the ears need work.

In relation to a Minecraft plushie:

So tiny!  But yet, at home.

So the ears were taken from an amigurumi wolf pattern, which might be part of the problem.  I made them smaller, but I don't like the way the base of the ears taper where they get sewn on, so I need to find a more feline-looking alternative.

Also, I would prefer to make the body bigger, but I was playing with the last few yards of a skein, and didn't want to run out.

So, look for Kitty Puff 2.0 sometime in the future...

One last close-up:

Aww, so cozy!

Don't worry, I'll be back with more Minecraft plushies before you know it!

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