Monday, January 12, 2015

Plushie Pusheen!

Aside from the Facebook Art Trade, I needed an awesome gift to give Midori for Christmas this year!  I tossed around the idea of a cat scoodie, but my final choice was influenced by one of her pins, located conveniently on her "Wants" Pinterest board:

20" Pusheen Plushie, $23.99

I am nothing if not offended by the idea of not attempting to make something like this myself, especially when I found the perfect free pattern through Ravelry.  (The link goes to a blog this time!)

I sat down with some light gray yarn, and went to work.

With the exception of the first stripe turning out wonky, I was pleased with the results:

Excuse me, you have any Grey Poupon?

To get the second stripe perfect, I tried to center the beginning row with the original beginning row of the first stripe.  From there, I kept the stripe centered on that initial row, ignoring all of the counting that took place.

I also did the invisible decrease technique I picked up from the blood cell plushie project.

The only thing I would change about this (other than getting the first stripe even) is to try PlanetJune's invisible color change technique on the tail.  I didn't take the time to learn it; I was in a rush to make sure I had enough time to assemble the piece and get the fabric paint smile done and dry before having to wrap it.

All that to say...Midori loved it!   (I think she was surprised I looked at her Pinterest board in the first place.)


Later this week, I'll share the most awesome of the Christmas gifts from my husband.  I need decent lighting to do the photos justice!


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