Thursday, July 31, 2014

Random Generator of the Day: What's Your Superhero Name?

I share this for no other reason than the fact that it amused me to assume that if I were a superhero, I would at least have some kind of arctic animal form that I could change into at will.

You know, an arctic fox or hare, for example.

So the bad guys/villains/scumbags are duking it out with one of the single superheroes in my (hypothetical) alliance, and the first ally on the scene is a white bunny.

The villain smirks.  "You called Thumper as your backup?"

And then blue-white arcs of lightning begin to dance around 'Thumper,' who performs a Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog jump and goes right for the enemy's jugular.

Yeah.  'Snowfall' the weather-controlling bunny trained by Wolverine?  Of course there's a Monty Python reference in there.

Anyway, the generator is from Zimbio!  Enjoi!

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