Thursday, July 3, 2014

Minecraft News of Note: Bunnies!

Mike the coworker sent me an email this morning with the attached link to the Minecraft forums.

At first, I couldn't understand what the image was supposed to be.  Clearly something resembling a rabbit, but what's with the derpy face?

Other comments have indicated that this is the 1/1000 chance
dangerous rabbit mob known as
The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog.

Yes, a Monty Python reference.

Here's the image I cropped to post on Facebook of a normal rabbit:

A little more gray, and a white underbelly, and he'd be MacGyver.

Obviously, I don't mean the Richard Dean Anderson 'MacGyver'.

I mean:

Left to Right:  Pipkin, MacGyver, and Phoenix

In a brief side note, there is a particular appearance (like a Dutch rabbit) that appears if you use a nametag on a rabbit and name it Toast.  It's in honor of a particular rabbit, once owned by (I assume) a famous player's girlfriend, now departed.

I decided to tweet Mojang and let them know that other previous rabbit owners (such as myself) appreciated the new creatures (and all the new items and crafting recipes, too):

And I got a reply from Axl_Rosie!

No idea if Mojang even checks the Twitter feed, but they deserve a bit of thanks for all of the updates they provide at no extra DLC cost to their millions of users!

Now in true Southern fashion: Y'all have a Happy Fourth of July and we'll see ya next week, ya hear?


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