Monday, July 7, 2014

May Commissions Finished! July.

So I finally (FINALLY!) finished the hand-stitched headdresses for the two PauseUnpause plushies that were supposed to be finished by the end of June.  (I'm thinking I should charge an extra $15 for pieces that have additional headgear!)

I had 2 Ethos I was supposed to make in June...I got some quality work done on one of them, but I discovered that two of the colors I used are unobtainable in brick-and-mortar stores near me, and I don't want to have to order them over the Interwebz when I have no need to order them in bulk.  Plus, one of the colors has been discontinued, so...I'm going to have to find something else.

That being said...

I'll have to rework the Etho pattern color palette.

So I'll be selling the first Etho I made and his copycat that is currently in production as the June commissions.

(Haha, copycat!  Because Etho uses Kakashi's skin from Naruto, who's known as the copycat ninja...)

Never mind.

(It was funny to me.)

But anyway!  I already sold and shipped one of the Pauses over the holiday weekend (Yay 4th of July!), but not before messing around with the Panda's old N64:

The little one in the middle is my personal PauseUnpause, without a hand-stitched headdress.  (He looks so tiny and wee!)

No reply, favorite, or retweet from the real PauseUnpause, but some day I am determined to break his silence!

(Not to mention I had a dream last night of meeting his fiancee, Andrea, and she had heard of was pretty trippy.)

I think the time has come to put that picture up in my DeviantArt profile and then cross-post it to Reddit.  The world must know!  (Okay, well, a small corner of the internet, anyway.)

Later gater!

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