Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cross another one off the list!

I am so excited--tonight I was able to photo, pack and list on Etsy the trio of Team Canada plushies I've been working on since April!

A huge, HUGE thank you to Zdenka K. from Manchester, U.K. who placed the order and has been supremely patient with me!

Here's one of the photos I snapped before bagging up the boys:

Yes, the sign says U.K. or Bust!
(Yes, I did have to look up the flag before scribbling it down.)

And now, for those of you keeping score at home, we have:

- Etho
- Beards & Beanies Kickstarter
- Nebris
- Enderman
- Custom Wig

...still on the crochet docket for the month.  (Yes, I know what day it is.  Don't make me cry thinking about it.)

In a few days, I'll share the photo of the gift I made for the dear Panda's birthday (very last minute, but also very low-budget, so I couldn't argue with that!).


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