Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dungeons & Dragons - Crocheted!

So I faced a trying decision this year of what to do for the Panda (my husband) for his birthday.  My plans to buy him a new board game fell through when I found out we didn't have enough money for a trip to Boardwalk.

No seriously, that's the name of the game store.

...okay then.

So I checked my Paypal balance from the sales of my Minecraft crochet pattern, and I had just enough to afford the only decent dice patterns I could find, courtesy of Planet June.

Now, when I buy crochet patterns, I look for basically two things:

1.  Simple readability -- i.e. is this written in terms I can understand??
2.  Finished product sell-ability

Because really, if I'm paying you more than $2 for your original pattern, I'd better have permission to sell what I make.  

There was one other D20 pattern (but it was only the D20, not an entire dice set like Planet June offered in her original pattern plus the expansion) that I thought looked better than this one, but I couldn't sell what I made.  

And for somebody like me, who wants to provide a wonderful union of crochet and nerdiness, that was just inexcusable.

All that to say, however, that I grabbed the Panda's favorite yarn colors (previously from making PauseUnpause plushies) and made 20 teeny triangles, which I then crocheted together.  A few dashes of fabric paint, and I hung it up to dry!

The Panda was evicted from his man cave for 4 hours while the die dried (his office had the only ideal drying spot that would be out of the way).  

That evening, he was able to use his new, plushie D20 to aid in the recovery of four magic amulets, in order to free the Shardmind in our party who is currently being used as a battery to power an underground city.  (Long story.)

Everybody knows you shouldn't place your die with the 20 up.

Ah, mementos of our ongoing campaign (we have been playing since February 2014 and currently have two members participating via Google Hangouts).  That's my character sheet in the upper left corner, and those are two different maps I've created for the campaign.

(I will make the first person to identify the original source of the maps a plushie of their choice for free.)  ^_^

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Are the maps from Lord of the Rings? Did I win? Huh? Huh? :)

    1. Hahaha, no! That would be a little too obvious!