Friday, February 13, 2015

Blue Wristlets for Arithmancy

Yesterday I wrote about participating in the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup challenge!

Today's featured project comes from the same challenge, only the class is Arithmancy.

The gist of the prompt was to partner up with somebody else at Hogwarts and make complementary projects.  I found a partner in the Arithmancy thread; her name is Pat (costumer47 on Ravelry) and we did cold weather gear:

Pat's basket weave hat!

And my coordinating blue wristlets, using leftover
yarn from the Gaithersburg stole!

We had fun, and now we're friends on Ravelry!  Here's the badge I earned for completing the homework:

And this weekend is a special one: Hogsmeade weekend!   I can't wait to do some of the craft prompts over there!  (They're not worth any points, but if what you make can fit into one of the homework categories (such as the purple slippers I'm making that qualify for Charms) then you can turn them in elsewhere.

Should be fun!  Check it out, my fellow crafters!

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