Friday, February 26, 2016

HPKCHC : July Classes (S15) - Throwback

I didn't have time with all my projects to showcase what I turned in for classes last July, so here's the quick round-up:


I dyed yarn with Kool-Aid, again!


Care of Magical Creatures:

Fluttershy, from My Little Pony.

Defense Against the Dark Arts:

I turned in a partial Twilight Sparkle pony plush.


A hobbit hole pillow, one of the Facebook Art Trades for 2015.

History of Magic:

A crocheted headband in the style of a fresco.

Muggle Studies:

A slightly different headband; I liked putting a hair elastic in to make it adjustable.


One of my first semi-fitted garments!

This one has a bit of a story; I participated in a yardage challenge for the Spring term, and as the deadline of July bore down on us, we knew we weren't going to have enough yardage to meet our total team goal in Tour de Puff (HPKCHC).  

So I got out a bunch of yarn remnants and threw this thing together for 800 yards of cuddly goodness.  That topped my yardage total for the entire term (May, June, and July) at 8500 yards.  That's 4.8 miles of yarn!

I call it a 'thneed', in case you were wondering.

(You were totally wondering.  Admit it.)


Nothing crazy here; I had to try a new yarn and this was what I did.


The oops-too-big Minecraft cake pillow for my brother...only ten months late.

I had to haul this thing home on an airplane, and the only thing I had to pack it in was a white garbage bag.  I looked really weird going through security, let me tell you!

Quidditch Match 4:

I love these little guys; this was my first, but not my last!

Headmistress Challenge 1 & 2:

A scarf for my husband's manager at Publix.

I'd been dying to try out a rabbit pattern!
Only issue: not sewing the ears on high enough.


I was ready for a break after the Spring 2015 of the HPKCHC!  Next post I'll show off my finished Order of the Phoenix Mission (BROOM) and my finished Potions OWL!

Until then; craft on!

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