Sunday, February 28, 2016

HPKCHC : End of Spring 2015 Term - Throwback

So, you might ask: how did the end of your very first "term" at Hogwarts end?

My goal for the term was to score over 1,000 house points for Hufflepuff.

Here's the grand finale of all my efforts; top to bottom!

OWL Exam - Potions  (200 points)

(OWLs are projects designed to take 2-3 months of crafting and be somewhat complex.)

I proposed to create a Minecraft plushie with over a dozen colors of yarn.  I added a Minecraft creeper to the proposal to make it more OWL-worthy for me.

Here is one King PauseUnpause:

And he is for sale in my Etsy store.

This is the creeper that inspired me to write up the free pattern!

My Potions OWL was successful, and that means I only have 12 or 13 more to do before becoming an OWL Mistress.  (You can't repeat any of the OWLs until you've done each of the types at least once).

Order of the Phoenix Mission - BROOM  (100 points)

(BROOMs are 5-7 week projects that aren't as intense as an OWL, and have a lot more room for interpretation if you know how to work the system correctly.)

I proposed to make 2 sets of identical monkeys from the Tallou the Monkey pattern found on Etsy by AuroraGurumi.  (This is incidentally what launched what my mother calls my "monkey business".)

Here they are:

It really is a cute, fun and very customizable pattern.

This means I completed what's called Double Advanced Studies projects (Double AS for short).

That brings us to Quidditch; there were four rounds, and I participated in every round!  The Quidditch cup is separate from the House Cup, so even if Hufflepuff didn't win one, we could still contend for the other.  My total points for the term was 126 points.

Then there was the Headmistress' Challenge; those points counted only towards the House Cup.  I scored 49 points.

Of the 24 classes available to do this term, I completed 20, and turned in 2 partials.  Add to that Detention each month, and I scored 205 points in May, 173 points in June, and 216 points in July for a total of 594 points.

Grand Total:  1,069 points for Hufflepuff!

So, VelvetKey, did you do it?  Did Hufflepuff with the House Cup back?  What about the Quidditch Cup?

I am overjoyed to tell you...Yes!

We won everything!  Hufflepuff won both cups, and we finished first in all areas of the game!

What a turn-out for my first time in the Cup as a sorted student!

I sailed off into August 2015 with a sigh of relief...and tons more crafting to do for the Starfleet Challenge!

'Til next time, craft on!

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