Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Starfleet's Newest Ensign!

I'm coming up on the end of my first month in the JJA (June/July/August) 2015 Tour of Duty for the Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps (SFAC).

This tour, I got to play for real fake points as an ensign!  I was reassigned from the Zimmermann to the Noro:

The doors of a distant cabin hiss open quietly, and a former cadet steps out, her new ensign pip shining on the collar of her uniform. She adjusts the shoulder strap of her carrying case as she strides confidently to the turbolift. Her steps falter, however, once she gets inside.
“Transporter Ro--no, Main Engineering,” she says quickly. The ‘lift doors shut silently, and then part again a few decks later, just as quickly.
Ensign Velvet Key hesitates near the Zimmermann’s main engineering console, and then pauses to wipe an imaginary speck of dust off of one panel. She looks around, a little misty-eyed, until her Away Mission automaton project wanders over to her.
She crouches, gives the little ‘bot a proud look, and then stands again. “You’ll be in good hands,” the ensigns says softly. “Make me proud by helping the next chief engineer.”
With that, she goes to the turbolift once more. “Transporter Room 6,” Ensign Velvet Key says distinctly, straightening.
“Where to, Ensign?” the transporter room chief asks as she enters the room and climbs up onto the pad.
“One to beam aboard the U.S.S. Noro,” the ensign replies.
And then in the Noro's forum thread:

The on-duty transporter chief acknowledges a hail from the U.S.S. Zimmermann, still in space dock over San Francisco. Moments later, a single beam of glittering light coalesces and a young ensign steps off of the transporter pad.
“Uhm…Cad--I mean, Ensign Velvet Key reporting as ordered,” she tells the chief, gripping the strap of her standard-issue Starfleet case.
Welcome aboard,” the chief says, handing her a PADD. “Report to Captain Samyra, First Officer Jrnylst, or Second Officer Jenybecca for assignment.”
“Yes, sir” she says crisply with a salute. “Thank you, sir.” The new ensign pauses for a moment in the doorway to get her bearings, and then heads for the turbolift.
Ensign VelvetKey reporting for duty, fellow shipmates. I look forward to serving with you all this tour.

I'm also helping out in Ten Forward this tour, as assistant barkeep!  I serve pictures of yummy food and drinks to the crewmembers that come in, and once in awhile prompt the forum thread with questions to keep chat going.

This month, we've been dealing with the Department of Temporal Investigations, and each of the six available missions have been themed around them.

Command:  Craft something to indicate how you would have handled this situation by either Option A crafting exactly to pattern to indicate you would do the same, or Option B modifying a pattern to show you would do things differently. Justify your position.

In undertaking this assignment, I chose to study a distant cousin of the tribble (the merphyllis munkai), as we had previously assumed tribbles to be extinct up until Commander Sisko’s little brush with time travel. While I was able to recreate the little animal’s proportions to exact specifications, it is unfortunate that his instructions had a few minor errors that needed correcting in order to provide a well-balanced appearance.
For that is what I believe the true issue is: balance. While I disagree with a few of the minor decisions Sisko and his team made (such as bringing tribbles back to our time), the overarching premise of his intent remains: he was correcting the actions of another time traveler. In fact, he was in the unique position of being one of the few people who knew about the problem and sought to fix it.
In conclusion, if I were to undertake the same mission, I would try to eliminate incidental alterations to the timeline as much as possible. No, I do not need to speak with Captain Kirk in order to obtain signature. (But that does not say anything about photobomb selfies made with the tricorder…)
Tallou the Monkey pattern; this guy is for sale!
...I just haven't put him on Etsy yet.

 Diplomatic:  Determine whether Kirk’s behavior was a violation of the Temporal Prime Directive. Craft something red for yes, or something green for no.

Commodore, in my review of the case files of this particular incident, as well as based upon multiple references to Captain James T. Kirk’s psychological evaluations and his own mission logs, it is my belief that Captain Kirk was a formidable judge of character. Thus, when he decided to tell the truth he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would not be believed, and therefore was not breaking any manner of rule or regulation.
I have crafted a charming, leafy vine of decoration to illustrate my point. Thank you!
 A scarf for Ms. Pat, DH's manager.
Queen Anne's Lace pattern is free on Ravelry!

Engineering:  Invent a “temporal stability field” which cancels out any instabilities in the timeline and prevents tampering.

In my own study of engineering, I have developed a four-point temporal stability field with quadruple the strength of a normal forcefield. These chaos-inspired inhibitors may be placed around the anomaly to keep it from affecting our timeline. Sometimes the best way to fight temporal chaos is with equal amounts of meta-chaos.
 This pattern is free right here on my blog!

Medical:  Craft something to protect against the temporal distortions.

Part of maintaining one’s health during temporal instability is maintaining sanity. However, recorded logs and other manner of records are not normally immune to shifting timelines. I have crafted a violet forcefield that can be placed around a recording device (such as a book, tricorder, or data PADD) in order to preserve useful information that would assist repeat time travelers in reaching their goals more efficiently.

 I may have spilled soda on this journal and needed
to cover up the damage, so I improvised...

Science:  Craft a hat to hide Vulcan ears, Andorian antennae, or just a bad hair day.

A close-fitting cap is the best way to hide Vulcan ears; on windy planets the hat will not get caught and blown away, thus exposing the secret identity of said Vulcan. To that end, I have crafted a beanie-style hat, complete with decorative pins.
 Pattern is free on Ravelry.

Tactical:  Craft something that represents Gary Seven’s role in the Temporal Cold War – something in a single color to indicate his honesty, something in more than one color to indicate his duplicity.

In my very brief (one might say non-existent) study of the mission reports pertaining to the individual known as Gary 7, I have come to the conclusion that one should not ‘monkey’ around with any time travel, timelines, time vortexes, or even undertake that manner of responsibility.
I have expressed my thoughts on Gary 7’s duplicitous actions with this peculiar little stuffie:
I made this one for my cousin's little boy.

Brig:  Any project that was started before the target month.

This engineering project is the second in my attempts to build a small automaton army to assist me with maintaining the systems in Engineering. I regret that I had to confine this particular model to the Brig for so long; a power surge in the ship activated him before his software had completely downloaded. Rather than lose hours of precious work, I confined him to the Brig while I waited for the necessary computations to finish. Now I have completed all necessary programming and he is just as useful and non-threatening as the first one.

A former commission, now cancelled.  
If you want to buy him, let me know!

Temporal Training Center:  Rescue temporally stranded projects and turn UFOs into FOs.

I proposed my unfinished King Pause plushie:

Hopefully I'll get him all finished by the end of July!
He's also a cancelled commission, so 
he'll be available for purchase eventually.

So far, this tour has been very interesting!  I can't wait to see what happens next month!

Craft on!

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