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HPKCHC : June Classes (S15)

Good morning, all!  

It was a terrifically busy month for me, as I participated not only in the SFAC (previously posted here), but also the TLT (the Doctor Who challenge), and of course the HPKCHC.

For those of you just joining us, the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup is a fiber-crafting challenge game primarily for crocheters, dyers, knitters, and spinners.

I was able to turn in six classes and Detention this month:

Charms:  For your assignment this month you are to craft something that is light and airy.

From a free pattern on Ravelry, Butterfly Grace.

Professors, nothing is quite so light and airy as a butterfly. Well, I was out on a walk towards Hagrid’s when I spotted something colorful down by the lake. Sometimes if you can bring an interesting specimen to the CoMC professors, they might give you a bonus point or two…and of course I love bonus points! So I took out my wand and cast the nettius totalum spell in order to snare one or two of whatever it was I saw.
As I got closer, I saw that it wasn’t just a couple of creatures, it was one of every color! They were prismatic papillons, so named because they were first discovered by a French wizard by the name of Claude Montiderrie. I knew then that I didn’t want to catch them at all, since they are extremely rare and fragile magical creatures. So instead I used an image capture charm and decided to share the pictures here with you!
Thank you for taking the time to read my lengthy parchment, professors. Have a colorful day!

Care of Magical Creatures: “Breed” two projects together to make a new one! Let your creativity loose and master breeding. Then tell us all about your experience. This is extra credit stuff, this is. Generous bonus points for successfully breeding two different projects into a new one.

Professors, before I became a first-year student at Hogwarts, I delighted in many various and sundry other crafts, particularly to please my loving husband. He is a Muggle, and has a large collection of video games, most of which I know nothing about. For Christmas a few years ago, I crafted him a lovely sweatshirt featuring the distinct white and red striped pattern on the right sleeve only.
It wasn’t until a year or two later that I found an Etsy listing with a similar pattern (what will these Muggles and their ‘winter-net’ come up with next!). I immediately knew that I wanted to try and make something similar…but more accurate (and of course with magical properties of protection).
Thus I located the Kisses Fingerless Mitts pattern, and set out to modify it not only to include the same distinctive striping, but to add gussets to fit it to my own arms, and also to provide additional magical protection from the cold.
I can safely declare my breeding experiment a success! I hope you are as pleased with the results as I am!
 Shout out to my Mass Effect peeps!

Defense Against the Dark Arts: “Students,” Professor kims announces, “your assignment is to craft an object based on something you saw inside Borgin and Burkes. It may be a literal interpretation such as spinning a replica of a hangman’s rope or crocheting curtains similar to those from Tom Riddle’s boyhood home. But you may also craft something in the spirit of the artifact mimicking the color, texture, or shape.”

When I was poking about in the back of the store, professors, I came across a section of neatly-displayed table decorations, as if for a party. The tiny card with the linens indicated that these might be ‘cursed Muggle objects’--something the Ministry of Magic takes very seriously.
In particular, there was a set of coasters, and they appeared to be watching me from beneath the crystal stemware perched on top of them. I picked up one of the goblets to get a better look at the white, eye-like decorations that resembled half-moons (or half-closed eyes) and suddenly I found myself becoming very apathetic.
I didn’t care about the field trip anymore. I was unimpressed by the other things in the store, or even the thought of stopping by Fortescue’s later. I simply didn’t care.
It wasn’t until we returned to Hogwarts that the effects of the spell seemed to fade and I became myself again. I know because they were serving tuna for lunch and you haven’t seen me get excited until you’ve seen me around tuna fish. (No cat jokes, please, professors.)
Thus, for my homework I have chosen to represent the set of four table coasters as I saw them, and I now include a hearty warning for those that might drink from the glasses perched upon them. I believe they will cause (from left to right): shock, anger, apathy, and doubt.
Thank you for your time!

Divination:  Craft a representation of the Tarot Star card. You may depict the literal images you see in the card: the star, water or the woman, or you may interpret the meaning of the card: renewal, the bounty of spring, health and healing.

Professors, I have found that one of the equalizers between Muggles and the wizarding community is the need for sleep and revival of one’s energy. While there are spells that allow wizards and witches to stay awake longer, ultimately all will succumb to the need for sleep eventually.
 To that end, I have crafted upon request for a friend who attends Durmstrang a magical, restorative mask. While Durmstrang is (I’m sure) another wonderful magic school, they have a much more grueling physical aspect to their classes, and as a first year himself, he often finds himself in need of restorative slumber in order to renew his energy and be ready for his classes the next day.
Thank you for your time, professors!

Potions:  Your homework for this month is to study the effects of this potion by crafting something relaxing or soothing, or something to keep you sane.

Professors, this month I have been working hard to finish a trio of three ponies to send to my fairy goddaughters:

I didn’t meet my deadline for the purple pony on the end, and this month I worked very hard to start and finish the larger, white unicorn in the middle. With the help of Lepida (and my color printer) I was able to keep myself sane by using a new way to attach eyes and cutie marks to these pony models. I’m so happy (and now so relaxed because everything is done!) and now I will be able to rest and recoup a little bit before the new month begins!
(In all seriousness, I now only have 2 WIPs left; at the beginning of the term I must have had at least 8!)
If you’ll excuse me, I think I hear the blanket fort in the Den calling me…I’m officially taking the next two days off from crafting!

Transfiguration:  Professor Loneilteaches smiles and says, “For this month’s homework, we are asking you to transform your crafting self by practicing a new craft or technique or one that is less familiar to you.”

Professors, I have always admired universal instructions for wizarding things: potions, wandwork, etc. I’ve wished that I was able to understand the charts and graphs with relative ease.
This month, I chose to try my hand at interpreting a charted stitch guide and expand it into a brand new book cover, to protect my journal. I am very pleased with the results, and I even showed my appreciation by enchanting a Stardust Butterfly to decorate the cover.
Thank you for your time, professors!

Detention:  Hufflepuff was challenged to yarn-bomb again on June 1st, so a hexipuff was all I had time to do:

July promises to be even crazier than May and June put together!  I need to:

  • Finish my Potions OWL (King PauseUnpause plushie)
  • Finish my Order of the Phoenix Mission (4 stuffed monkeys)
  • Craft Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle (for a commission due in August)
  • Try to keep my head on straight!
This is the final push to the end of the HPKCHC term, and I want to make it a good one.  Craft on!

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