Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Posey Collection

So not exactly in chronological order, but...
My coworker Doris sent me a listing from Amazon a few weeks ago; a vendor based out of China was selling children's hats.  Doris then commissioned the following:

For her granddaughters and herself.

I named it the Posey Collection based on the flowers.  I suspect that she wants to have photos done with matching outfits.

Three sizes of hats, a headband, and a poncho.

I secretly believe that the pattern I followed for the hats was a little incorrect; the first hat I made for the two-year-old was big enough for me.  So I made a second one from the 18-month size:

I hope that it works out!

The patterns I used were:

Easy Ponchos by Bernat
Newsboy Cap by JT Creations (I excluded the brim and did a little stylized stitching)
Headband by ChirpinBirdie
Crochet Rose by Kati Crafts  (For the larger flowers)
Rosebud and Leaf by Kara Gunza  (Smaller flowers)
Two-Minute Leaf by Jessica Zeltner  (These were leftover from a yarn use-up!)

Pretty cute; I can't wait to see pictures of the kids!

Plus, it's nice to have other projects to break up all the plushie madness.  MADNESS, I say!

Until next time...

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