Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Our Cheaty Overlord, Nebris

New plushie on the Mindcrack scene!

I received an order via DeviantArt from JuneBugPancakes for the very first Nebris plushie:

Looking very dapper in his vest.

Yes, these plushies are big enough to hold their
own in an adult-sized office chair.

Of course, I always try to do a unique pose for each new plushie to put up on Twitter and sometimes Reddit:

Nebris is known for his 'cheatiness'...I decided that
the 'Evil Overlord' motif would work nicely.

I put the photo up on Reddit, and got this reply:

Mini Fangirl Fiesta!

Sorry for the delay; it's obviously been crazy around here!  With any luck, I'll be able to share all of my October and November projects relatively on time.  The list now reads:

1)  Enderman
2)  VintageBeef VI
3)  Red & Black Scarf
4)  Dwarf Beard

And then there's all the art trades I have to start and finish:

1)  Minecraft pillow(s)
2)  Mass Effect coasters
3)  Groot figure
4)  Doctor Who sweatshirt

Which reminds me, I never did show you guys the one art trade I did manage to complete.  Hmm...I'll try to get to work on that!  It really was lovely!  (And nerdy.)

Talk to you soon!

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