Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cosplay Commission!

So in this season of pumpkin spice and falling leaves, I finally finished a commission that I've had floating around on my plate for quite a few months.

My fabulous friend Ren from high school caught up with me on Facebook one day, and asked me if I could crochet a wig for her Guild Wars II cosplay outfit.  I believe she wears it to renaissance faires and other gatherings.

The original pattern was from Lion Brand Yarn, (requires login) but the yarn called for has been discontinued.

But I was not fazed!  The specific colors needed for the cosplay was simple: black.

From the images, I gathered the character had dreadlocks or many, many braids:

But in black.

The hardest part of the entire pattern was that the wig base itself came out entirely too small.  I reworked it four times before I could get it to a size that would work for an average adult.

And then in one of my finer moments of genius, I decided that it would be prudent to sew a strand of red yarn into the front of the wig to remember proper braid placement.

Further, I knew that if Ren was going to be able to tie the braids into the knot-like arrangement above, the braids couldn't be too thick, and they needed to be much longer than the pattern called for.

I futzed around for a little bit, and decided that the easiest thing to do in order to achieve both the most coverage (concealing the wig base) and length would be to just chain the braids.  

I think they pass for skinny braids.

Also, I further concluded that if I was going to make the braids look like hair, then the ones at the base of the neck would be shorter than the ones at the crown of the head.  (I was going for even layers.  I have no idea if I actually succeeded.)

The finished product:

Nice and thick for a ponytail.

I'm hoping Ren will send me pictures next year, when the festivals are open again and she does her costume.

But until then, I believe I have a dwarf beard, a lattice scarf, a VintageBeef, and an enderman to work on!

(Oh, and I have a post about the Nebris plushie coming soon; I just need to get some information off of Reddit, which I can only view from home!)

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