Friday, September 9, 2016

HPKCHC : May Classes (S16) - Throwback

As always, I'm perpetually behind with all the other things I've done these past few months!

The Spring 2016 term (May, June, and July) of the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup marked my fourth year as a Hufflepuff student!  My shiny robes:

I'm still the robe and badge designer for the MJJ Stash Club!

Before I start with the rundown, for the record my goals this term were to complete my fourth Double Advanced Studies (an OWL exam and an Order of the Phoenix Mission, known as a BROOM), complete the trail on HuffleTourist (a Hufflepuff game that replaced Puffopoly in past terms), and to run my real life Etsy store.

But on top of that, I had planned to make a donation of stuffed animals to my local children's hospital, in honor of one of my First Friends over in the MJJ Stash Club.  More on that as we go.

Now, with my crazy pants firmly in place, let's continue!

This term, the classes I submitted in the month of May were:


Donated to charity.  
Design available for order in my store.
Dumpling kitty pattern by Sarah Sloyer is free on Ravelry!


Donated to charity.
Design available for order.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Free pattern available here!


Commission for my friend, Fizzliza!
These are her mom's cats Chubbie and Bootsie
and she gave them as a Mother's Day present!

Magical Literature

Donated to charity.  
Design available for order.


Donated to charity.
Design available for order.

I partnered up with a Ravenclaw student for this one: nightgigjo!  She did her submission entirely in songverse!

and of course, who could forget...


Commission for Kelyn (Kat) of the 
Shadowmoor Battle Healers' Guild.

And we will NOT discuss how many times I put that turtle together incorrectly before I finished him...

Look for July's post soon, and craft on!

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