Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lootz! :: My Bestie, April!

I may have mentioned before that my bestie from college, one Madam le April (but I just call her April) visited me this summer.

We. Had. A. BLAST!

But then, we always do.

I posted a picture of the GenerikB plushie she requested, but I hadn't taken the opportunity to post pictures of what she gave me!

Since April lives in China, she frequents the American establishments that have gone international.  Starbucks is one of her (and my) favorite places over there (despite the fact that the last time I was there in February 2012 they tried to poison me).

I'm lactose intolerant.  I asked for soy.  Their understanding of English wasn't that great.  I missed a great evening of Indian food and Chinese karaoke due to digestive distress.

But!  That's not the point.  Starbucks in China is fabulous, and part of the reason is that they have special mugs and things based on the Chinese zodiac, yearly festivals, and other holidays.

There's a mid-autumn celebration known as the Moon Festival, and Starbucks released some adorable mugs!

She brought me two mugs and what might be a sugar bowl.

The handles are shaped like bunnies, and the sugar bowl even has a little tail on the rim!

One of the random things I love about China is the abundance of cute stuff that's allowable in everyday life.  Particularly 'kawaii' animals, such as bunnies, cats, pandas, etc.  April helps me feed my addiction a little bit, and I love these mugs!  (Thanks, chica!)

I'm looking forward to presenting another couple of crochet projects before the end of September, but for this weekend I'm off to LARP!

Shadowmoor needs me! (...actually, they'll take anybody with enough lives left...)



  1. I have more mugs for you! This festival is annual and so are the mugs!